pnaichopstix (pnaichopstix) wrote,

Apparently I'm still known as the 'creyz girl'. What the fuck is this. Where's the friend part in all this? You're free to like your friend's present better than my necklace, but to fucking say that there was no thought put into it is a lie. First of all, I was looking out for the fact that you had skin issues with necklaces. I figured going a little pricier will help with that. Second, I wanted the gift to last for a long. Jewelry is supposed to last a while and of course, if you pay more for it, you know it's real and that it will last. It was supposed to be symbolic of our friendship. A friendship that was supposed to last forever. It is a friendship necklace for a reason! I didn't get it because I wanted you to accept my love. What mattered to me the most was our friendship first and foremost, hun. Don't think I did all this shiet because I loved you in a romantic way. I was still trying to figure out my feelings for you around that time I know, but it wasn't because I liked you. You were a close friend, even a best friend. Why wouldn't I do stuff like this for you?

And to call me a creyz girl just...what the fuck. It's disrespectful and offensive and I'm disappointed in you. Is that all you can say about me? Was I not even a "former friend"? I don't get it. I really don't. If that's really how you see me then what was I really to you? I don't need someone who belittles our friendship in such a way. I put so much time into you and that I can't get back. I really can't. I'm just honestly so disappointed in you. At least I have the respect to not say shiet like you do behind your back and call you names. I have the decency to say whenever someone asks me about you to call you a "former friend" or a "former best friend" or "ex-best friend". I'm not going to stoop to that level. It's childish and immature, but then again, you've always been like that. Grow the fuck up. You're being rude and I won't put up with that. If 'creyz girl' and 'idiot former friend stalker person' is all you can call me, well, I would like to know what our friendship really meant to you this whole time.

Oh, and if you really don't want that, in your eyes, meaningless and thoughtless necklace, send it back to me, please.
Tags: disappointed, ranting, royally pissed, this is my life
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